Mission and Goals

Modern medical science is rapidly developing, but, unfortunately, Ukrainian medicine usually remains aside from this process. This is especially true for the medical use of cannabis: many Ukrainian doctors do not know about its healing properties or have some prejudices towards the plant.
We are confident that the Bill, which will allow the use of cannabis in medicine that is currently under consideration by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, will soon be adopted.
The main impediment to the rapid introduction of cannabis into Ukrainian medical practice may be the lack of knowledge in doctors about the use of this plant for the treatment of patients. Doctors who will be in direct contact with patients and will prescribe medicines should have all the necessary information, which will allow them to quickly provide patients with qualified medical assistance.
Therefore, one of the main tasks of our organization is the educational work and training of medical personnel of Ukrainian hospitals. We want our doctors to know about world practice in the use of medical cannabis and to introduce this experience in Ukraine, enriching it with their own research.

To do this, we do the following:

  • We bring doctors sharing their medical experience from different countries of the world to Ukraine;
  • we organize international scientific and practical conferences with the participation of specialists from different countries of the world in Ukraine.
We believe that Ukrainian medical science will become professional, competent, and highly qualified in order to provide the best medical care to Ukrainians!

It often occurs that sick people who suffer from pain badly try to somehow ease their suffering, so they use drugs based on cannabis.
However, the problem with Ukrainian legislation is that such drugs are out of law today, and therefore their acquisition, storage, and use are treated as a criminal offense.
Ukraine was shocked by the story of the popular TV presenter, Yanina Sokolova, who admitted that in order to fight cancer she had to travel abroad to buy necessary medicines based on cannabis, secretly bring them to Ukraine and use them here, easing frequent pain attacks. And few people realize that according to the norms of Ukrainian legislation, these actions are treated as a crime and have the corresponding consequences.
Other cases are when doctors who see their patients struggling with severe ailments secretly suggest medicines based on cannabis to help them. But such suggestions also entail criminal liability under Ukrainian law.
Our organization is not going to put up with the situation when people who fight diseases to live on, are considered as criminals in the opinion of the law enforcement system.
Therefore, we provide free legal assistance to persons charged with using or storing narcotic drugs, if they are:
  • Patients who take these medicines to relieve pain;
  • Doctors who advise such medications to their patients for good reason.
We are ready to defend your right to fight the disease to live on, even if the law turns on you!

Our organization is engaged not only in educational work with doctors and the public.
We undertook to make legislative changes in our country and obtain official permission for the use of cannabis in Ukrainian medicine. In order to work effectively, we have established close contacts with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Interior, various state and private medical institutions, as well as with state and non-governmental organizations.

Working actively, our specialists have already done the following:

  • Submitted an electronic petition to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine demanding the decriminalization of the medical use of cannabis, which quickly recruited 25,000 votes for its consideration;
  • Prepared various documentation necessary for the development of the relevant law;
  • Prepared and passed our demands and proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  • Actively participated in drafting a Bill that would decriminalize the medical use of cannabis in Ukraine. This Bill is currently being considered by the Verkhovna Rada.
Participation in drafting the Bill and submitting it for consideration has become an important step today for obtaining permission for Ukrainian doctors to use cannabis for the treatment of patients.
We believe that due to our joint efforts common sense will finally win in Ukraine, changes will be made in the legislative framework, and our patients will receive effective and safe medicines based on cannabis.

Unfortunately, today's Ukraine is no stranger to war. For more than 6 years, fighting has taken place in the East of Ukraine. As a result, today we have thousands of wounded servicemen who need long-term treatment and rehabilitation. Another result of the war is a significant number of veterans suffering from post-traumatic syndrome (PTSD) and cannot adapt to normal life.
Studies conducted in foreign hospitals indicate that cannabis-based medicines are one of the best ways to treat PTSD. They are mild but effective in helping the patient calm down, relinquish stress, and adapt more quickly to a peaceful life. Therefore, these drugs are actively used in the treatment of soldiers in the United States, Israel, and other countries.
We consider it our duty to inform veterans and military doctors about the existence of simple but effective drugs on the basis of cannabis, which quickly facilitates their condition. That is why we:
  • hold special lectures and other events during which we inform veterans about the effectiveness of PTSD treatment with cannabis;
  • attract foreign specialists to share their experience;
  • facilitate the sending of Ukrainian hard-to-survivors to foreign clinics for treatment and rehabilitation.
We are confident that we will be able to help our defenders recover their health and return to normal life!

One of our most important tasks is to report true information about cannabis and its healing properties to Ukrainian citizens.
Unfortunately, in our society there is still a false Soviet-era stereotype that cannabis is a harmful drug that should be banned. The vast majority of Ukrainians know neither about the healing properties of cannabis, which is powerful medicine that help fight many serious illnesses, nor the fact that cannabis is already actively used in medicine and pharmacology in many countries around the world. And Ukraine is currently an exception to this process, partly because of the lack of awareness on this issue in the population.
Therefore, educational work with the population is one of the key factors of our activity. To do this, we:
  • arrange lectures and public discussions, to which we invite representatives of the public and professional doctors;
  • actively work with mass media;
  • invite ordinary citizens to our scientific and practical conferences;
  • organize various events such as the annual “March of Freedom” in Kyiv, where we demonstrate our position to government and society.
We strive for being able to freely discuss the most complex issues in our society. And we believe that the path chosen will help overcome the negative attitude towards cannabis in the Ukrainian population. And the result will be the receipt of effective medical care for those in need.

Monthly membership fee 200 UAH.