Join our association

We are a non-profit organization that works for the good of Ukraine and its citizens. Therefore, we call for like-minded people, friends, and supporters who could help us in our work, in order to bring closer our common goal. Also, we have a small membership fee (200 UAH), which helps us pay the necessary bills and hold various events, without which our organization's existence loses any meaning.

By joining our association, you will receive:

  • The right to free participation in all events organized by UAMC;
  • Information on the latest international trends in the implementation and use of medical cannabis;
  • Participation in a powerful community of like-minded people with the opportunity to share their experiences and get qualified advice;
  • A unique platform for communication with like-minded people on complex topics;
  • Ties with our international partners and international health organizations;
  • Possibility of receiving an individual medical consultation after the introduction of medical cannabis in Ukraine.

Monthly membership fee 200 UAH.