About organization

We are struggling for the spread of progressive, global trends in healthcare of Ukraine. Therefore, we are seeking a state permission for the use of cannabis for medical purposes in Ukraine.
Scientific research conducted in many countries of the world shows that cannabis has great healing properties. The direct consequence of these experiments was the widespread introduction of cannabis into official medicine in a large number of countries. The benefits of cannabis in the treatment of various types of cancer, sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and other serious illnesses have been repeatedly confirmed both clinically and in labs. In fact, it is the best pain reliever that is not addictive and has no side effects, and only provides a significant relief to the severely ill people.
However, Ukraine has been on the sidelines of world's trends, while still being captivated by old stereotypes. So, in our country not only clinical application, but even scientific research of cannabis is under the prohibition.

The urgent need for drugs based on cannabis for modern Ukraine is very acute. The sad truth is that Ukraine has one of Europe’s worst figures in regard to the rate of cancer spread. Annually in Ukraine more than 160,000 people find out that they are cancer sufferers and need immediate treatment. Every year about 90,000 patients die from terrible sufferings in Ukraine.
In addition, there are currently around 30,000 children with epilepsy in Ukraine, and Alzheimer's disease affects one elderly person in ten.
Particular attention should be paid to the obvious need for the treatment and rehabilitation of the severely injured soldiers of the Ukrainian Army. Thus, according to official figures for April 2018, there are 8489 combatants in Ukraine who suffered injuries. Also, at least 554 soldiers committed suicide, with a significant proportion of them - due to psychological trauma.
All this convincingly suggests that the importance of using effective cannabis drugs today does not even require additional discussion - this is an obvious fact. Medical cannabis and medicines on its basis will help relieve the suffering of sick people. This fact was proven in developed countries long ago, and therefore cannabis is actively used for medical purposes only.
However, at the moment, Ukraine is doing nothing to introduce these effective medicines into Ukrainian medicine. Therefore, sick people in Ukraine are be in the thrall of outdated stereotypes. Given the large number of patients, the issue of official permission for treatment by cannabis in Ukraine is constantly actualized.
In view of this, we decided to create NGO “Ukrainian Association of Medical Cannabis” in order to achieve the legalization and introduction of medicines on the basis of cannabis for in Ukrainian medicine.

Monthly membership fee 200 UAH.