Ukrainian Association
of Medical Cannabis
Join us Patients need safe, reliable medication,
and scientists need access to study to ensure this

We are struggling for the spread of progressive, global trends in healthcare of Ukraine. Therefore, we are seeking a state permission for the use of cannabis for medical purposes in Ukraine.
Scientific research conducted in many countries of the world shows that cannabis has great healing properties. The direct consequence of these experiments was the widespread introduction of cannabis into official medicine in a large number of countries. The benefits of cannabis in the treatment of various types of cancer, sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and other serious illnesses have been repeatedly confirmed both clinically and in labs. In fact, it is the best pain reliever that is not addictive and has no side effects, and only provides a significant relief to the severely ill people.
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Gennadii Shabas

Roman Ryzhov

Oleksandr Sharygin

Oleksandr Ivchenko

Roman Samofalov

Іllia Plakhuta

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Mission and Goals

Our organization works in different directions to improve our country, but the main ones are:
  • Educational activities among physicians and health professionals;
  • Legal assistance;
  • Medical cannabis lobbying;
  • Education and assistance to veterans of the Armed Forces;
  • Educational activity among Ukrainian citizens.
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We are a non-profit organization, therefore, we exist solely thanks to the charitable donations, energy and enthusiasm of our participants. You can also join our cause.

Your donation will go to:

  • Organization of forums, scientific conferences, and other events;
  • carrying out the annual “Marches of Freedom” in Kyiv, where we transfer our demands to the government;
  • informational activity, in order to familiarize Ukrainians with current world trends in the use of cannabis for medical purposes;
  • assistance to those who have been detained for the use of cannabis.

Monthly membership fee 200 UAH.